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Ventanas Mexico provides resources to people considering moving or retiring to Mexico, including a blog, the section It's Cheaper in Mexico, and the books the "Interactive Guide to Learning Spanish Free Online," and "If Only I Had a Place' on renting in Mexico.


Kerry Baker - Blogger and Author

Kerry Ann Baker is a blogger as well as author of two books, the "Interactive Guide to Learning Spanish Free Onlineand "If Only I Had a Place - a guide for the aspiring expat seeking to rent luxuriously in Mexico for less. 

The Ventanas Mexico website covers cost comparisons between life in Mexico and the United States in the newsletter tab, "It's Cheaper In Mexico." The Ventanas Mexico blog uses story-telling to make points about silo subjects of healthcare, housing, learning a second language and life in Mexico.

More than simply opinion and personal experience, you'll often find links to more detailed resources and research on the theme being covered in each blog.

Kerry Baker's first book supports the premise that speaking Spanish is essential to the richest, safest, most economical expat experience possible and is a skill that any aspiring expat, no matter what age, should get started on now, well before moving to any Spanish-speaking country.

The Interactive Guide to Learning Spanish Free Online is a curation of all the best online tools you need to do it, all of them free. The Guide is like a box of language-tool chocolates from which you can choose to create a unique, enjoyable learning session every day. Lesson plans using the tools are provided by level.

Her second book, "If Only I Had a Place" offers a system on how to get the most for less when renting in Mexico. A listing of rental concierges to preview potential places for you is included, as is an explanation of why where you live is so important to your long-term comfort in Mexico.

Subscribers who indicate they've purchased the book will receive periodic updates and new information related to renting and updates on concierge listings.

Kerry Baker

Kerry Baker

More details on her professional background can be found LinkedIn. 

She has been published in Forbes, The Huffington PostForbesNext AvenueLife as a Human, Boomer Cafe.

Contact information:

Skype at kerry.baker68 and

U.S. phone number 804-516-7989,

Mexico 52-669-212-7358 or (52) 669-213-1666 (June-November)