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Expat Women In Mexico Describe Their Perfect Day

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A year or so ago, a dozen people were asked to describe their “perfect day” in Mazatlán, Mexico for a community paper website.  The varied profiles included, artists, business people and parents and single men.

These are actual excerpts from  much longer and thoroughly positive responses from some of the single (I think, as the others would mention spouses and/or children) women describing the food, music, companionship and sights enjoyed on their perfect days.

“My perfect day? That’s a tough one. My taste in music, books and entertainment is very eclectic.  That’s why I never get bored here.  Mazatlan has many personalities within in boundaries so no matter what mood I find myself in, I can find something to do! I find the people open and friendly and more than happy to share their world with me….Breakfast with a view would be a must – maybe El Velero on Isla de la Piedra, Café El Faro in Olas Altas [a popular beach] and watch the morning surfers.  After breakfast? An adventure of some sort, wandering around the beach or the city taking pictures can entertain me for hours….  I just follow my nose and see where it leads me. Maybe a road trip to Concordia?  A day of sailing followed by a Venados game? Pool hopping through the resort area then mariscos at Todos Santos or Barracudas?”   S.H.P. – Writer and Social Media Expert

“My day start at 6:00 a.m. with a long walk to check out the sunrise, the ocean and all my walking friends.  Once I have cooled down enough…I’d choose a belly dance class.  With the afternoon heat, I’d meet my friends for bridge, work on my sewing project or Spanish homework. In the evening, I’d head to yoga class. After meeting friends for dinner at Las Brochetas, a stroll home to settle in with a good book. Perfection!.”  K.M., Organizer

“I wake up and it is a Mazatlán morning with the sun shining through thin clouds and a cool breeze ruffling leaves but not masking the sounds of chirping birds.  Afternoon provides the option of listening to live music. La Canoa is the perfect spot on the beach to hear Honest John and The Truth, or Kannon.  All my friends are there and we dance with abandon.  When there is a break in the music we catch up with each other, make plans for activities throughout the week and gaze at the gorgeous waves crashing on the sand beyond which are sailboats, parasailers and the islands.” – M.H., Writer

“Being from the Pacific Northwest, I am a coffee lover.  Rich coffee beans from Chiapas [a region of Mexico], freshly ground in my kitchen, brewed slowly and a large coffee mug…pure joy...Musicians from all over the world live in Mazatlán or come to play here.  There is rock, jazz, blues, country, salsa, classical, opera…you name it.  Really good live music can be found any night of the year. I’d go out every night of the week if I could.” – L.L., Editor


“So far, today has been a perfect day!  I just returned from La Paz via the ferry this morning after taking four days to sail from Mazatlan to La Paz helping out a crew that is circumnavigating the planet….Sometimes I grab my surfboard and splash around Olas Altas. Sometimes I practice yoga in the mornings or wake up to the phone ringing, friends calling to make plans for the evening.  I find that I am never alone when I venture out….Our up and coming theater directors such as Jorge Gorostizo Zatarain, even if you don’t speak Spanish, actors directed by his visions are understandable and entertaining.” –  T. Moore,


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