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Guadalajara Expats Talk about Life in Mexico's Second Largest City

While not Mexican, José Piña, along with wife Gloria have embraced their new life semi-retired in Mexico. Gloria is Guadalajara's ambassador in book on renting, "If Only I Had a Place." Here they tell you the main reason they love their city.

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Trouble in Paradise: The Beating Heart That Is Your Laptop

Technical Issues regarding the health of your laptop are one of the most vexing aspects of living in Mexico.  Make sure to consider these cultural differences when planning how you will work and stay connected for extended months at a time.

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Landing the Ideal Place in Mexico. What Does Electricity Have to Do With It?

"Why are all the gorgeous places empty?" I asked myself.  The way Mexico determines electrical rates discourages some owners from renting their beachfront places out in low season. By understanding . how it works, you can negotiate rental rate like a pro.

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