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[Videos] Shopping for Home Decor in Mexico


Updated 2019

While all the places I have lived in Mexico so far have come furnished, I still like to daydream  about how my place would look if I chose to live here the entire 12 months a year, or if I ever owned a home in Mexico and could decorate it as I wished.

Just like the decor in my little ski-hut in West Virginia reflects where it’s located (although I did bring the washing machine in from the front porch), I dream of a place in Mexico with decor totally different from the urban minimalism of my apartment in downtown Denver.  

Hit the arrow for a tour, with music, of a neat little store in Mazatlán.

When you live in Mexico, you can’t help but be drawn to the hand-painted tiles and the warmth of the wood-carved doors and furniture common in homes, You begin to appreciate the vibrant palates of both warm and cold colors, the textures of wall-hangings, the Mayan influenced artifacts and the Talavera pottery.

So every now and then, I get my nesting fix in by strolling through a few of my favorite furnishing and decorating stores in Mazatlán. The stores seem totally different to anything I’d see in the U.S but similar to decorating boutiques throughout Mexico.

One thing I've learned is to try to get the story or the meaning of the piece before hanging it all the wall if your not very familiar with the culture. You never know what it might represent and be in trouble when a Mexican guest does.


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