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   Ventanas Mexico Interactive Guide to Learning Spanish Free Online

Never get bored with Spanish books and programs again. Create fun and stimulating study plans from hundreds of free online tools.  Create a unique study plan every day and stay motivated week after week, month after month.

Learn hundreds of free and effective online tools and resources that Google and other search engines don't seem to want you to know about.

Never get suckered into purchasing “Free” online tools that aren’t really free again.

Exercise your brain with a hobby that is more useful, social and fun than any brain-training game

Have one resource for learning Spanish free for you and your significant other, that will enable you both to locate and access free videos, online textbooks, Spanish language libraries and dozens of language hack sites

Access tools and tips especially suited for older adults.

Find great Spanish practice partners around your age from all over the world.

Prepare yourself for traveling or living in a Spanish speaking country by learning how to speak the language and never have to depend on finding friends, vendors or service providers in that country who speak English

Never again spend hours searching for truly free online tools when you could have spent the time learning Spanish!

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Not convinced? Let me ask you this....

* Do you want to learn Spanish but are overwhelmed by the options? 

* Have you tried to learn Spanish but soon got bored with the same format every day?

* Are you tired of paying for books and monthly subscriptions you end up not using?

* Are you tired of tools online that promise “free” only to lure you to their sales pages?

* Are you over 40 and wondering if you are too old to learn a second language?

* Do you have a significant other who also wants to learn but is at a different level than you?

* Are you planning to visit or move to a Spanish speaking country someday?

 * Do you want to learn Spanish for the long haul, and develop comprehensive skills in speaking, writing, listening and reading.  Do you want to have meaningful conversations with native speakers on a variety of topics, not just survive?

* Do you like to keep in simple, using mainly your computer, e-reader or laptop to learn?

If this describes you, you need Ventanas Mexico Interactive Guide to Learning Spanish Free Online, a book that will take you directly to the web's best Spanish language learning sites and features. I promise this book will also inspire you in your language journey.

About the Author

Hi! My name is Kerry Baker and I am a partner in Ventanas Mexico, which provides resources, information, and inspiration to people considering full- or part-time expat life in Mexico.

I incidentally do have an undergraduate degree majoring in Spanish from the University of Oklahoma, which helped me not one bit when I decided to relocate to Mexico in 2014, having had forgotten the language entirely after a 35-year hiatus. Like you, I had to learn the language basically from scratch.  This book provides tools that I love, and so will you.

Painstaking research, love of the language and first-hand experience in how a second language can change your life will make this e-book your very best resource for finding free online tools to make learning Spanish energizing and fun ... every day.