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[Video]: Going to the Gym in Mexico: a Day in the Life


Updated 2018

You might be asking yourself why, when I live in Mexico and am surrounded by all the places to see in this country, I have posted a video of my going to the gym.

One reason is that weight-training has changed my life. Over the 30 years I've done it, evidence has continued to come out how beneficial it is, especially for women.

Another reason for the video is that I like to address people's irrational fears or misconceptions that may be preventing their exploration of an option that could save their hopes of a comfortable retirement.

Judging by conversations we have with people back home, my business partner and I thought it might be helpful to show you how totally normal a day can be.   

Sure, you will encounter some exotic choices at the grocery store and the concert crowds might look a little darker if you’re used to the ones in Idaho or Wisconsin, but in its essence, your day to-day life can have most of the pleasant things that you enjoy now, including delivery food, Netflix and gabbing with your girlfriends over lunch. 

My daily life here, just like in the U.S., often includes going to the gym. I have worked out since I was seventeen. What started as a kneeling before the alter of vanity evolved into training for sports, then evolved into into the possibility of staying alive a little longer.

Exercise seems to be the prescription for so many things, I've lost count.

gym in mexico

Hey! How is a girl supposed to get a work-out in around here?

Nice gyms can be as expensive in Mexico as they are the U.S, probably more so to get the kind of quality you want. I imagine that they are rare in the smaller towns in Mexico and I struggled to find one here. When I finally did, two of the best ones in town were right next door to one another.  

Neither of them coddle their members either. The temperature on some days last summer was well over 90 degrees, probably over 100 degrees with the dew point.  Work-outs can be a real test of character. 

But women do weight-train here. In fact, I have never seen so many women weight-training in a gym as I have seen at mine, the Body Factory, up on the north end of town.

Maybe it's because unlike all the gyms I go to in the U.S, the trainers don't only hustle for clients. Their job is to train people, whether they are paying them or not. In over 30 years going to muscle-head gyms, I have never seen such imaginative use of equipment.

Gym rats like me try to find a gym the minute they hit a town. It can be extremely frustrating in Mexico because most gyms are really bad; dirty, broken and limited equipment and rooms that lack of heat or air conditioning. Don't forget to do your online search in Spanish "gimnasios" + town.  Unless they have their site in English, good ones may not appear in your search. 

While working out may not be as common in Mexico as in the U.S., you do see people running along the beach. There are bicycle clubs and swim clubs in larger Mexican towns too.  In expat areas like San Miguel de Allende or Lake Chapala, you have every type of physical activity facility you can think of.

If you go back and forth between countries or even if you just travel a lot, it makes sense to have some work-outs that require little or no equipment.  I carry a jump rope and a foldable yoga mat in my suitcase wherever I go.

Consult Ventanas Pinterest Board "Staying in Shape While Traveling," for my curation of exercises using mainly your own body weight.

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