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Why Bus Rides Are So Much More Fun In Mexico

bus rides in Mexico

During one of my "tours,"  I  moved from the north end to the more central Zona Dorada in Mazatlán.  

While I hated giving up the daily water taxi ride I used to take to get to my gym, 10-minute bus ride I took now instead was a straight shot down Avenida del Mar, meaning that it goes down the main street that runs parallel to the ocean.  A very pleasant trek.

buses in Mexico

To the right out of the picture is a drawing of Al Pacino.

The view itself from the buses' windows would be interesting enough on its own. You pass dozens of colorful street stalls selling clingy beach dresses, upscale and working-man open air restaurants and bars as well as intermittent views of the ocean as you pass.  

Lack of zoning laws may create problems for residents but it certainly makes for a more interesting bus ride. 

buses in Mexico

A saint? The Virgin?

The buses are contracted out by the city and owned by individuals. You never know what you are going to get.  Like yachts, they are given names.

It might be a comfortable and modern touring bus or it might be one of the beat up buses with open windows that you expect in Mexico.  

buses in Mexico

This is like having your name on your car...showing pride in your 'house." 

With so much going on outside, it took a number of trips before I noticed that the inside of the buses was just as interesting.

The interiors often have a point of view, demonstrated by graphics displayed in front and sometimes along the entire inside roof of the bus.

Not all are decorated but some interiors have become real canvases.  I always wonder how the art got there and what inspired it. 

buses in Mexico

"There is no greater pride for a father than an honest son."

Did a favorite driver get permission to choose or does the “Scarface” mural express the tastes of the owner of the bus?  

Did someone just come up to the owner and say, “Mind if I graffiti the interior of your bus with a homage to Che Guevara?  

Was the artist  paid or volunteer? The quilted black leather padding on the over-sized steering wheel - whose idea was it and who paid for it?

Recently, a few pan-handlers have appeared on the plusher bus that goes all the way from the northern end of the city to El Centro in the city’s southern end.  The pan-handler tells the other riders a story of hardship and always includes profuse apologies for being there.   

He may play a guitar or be wearing workingman’s clothes, as if ready to get off the bus and repair something on the spot if the opportunity arose.  In my limited experience (I’ve only seen these guys in the last few weeks), they have never, ever been in the least intimidating, as I’ve seen pan handlers in downtown Denver become.

I love Uber and taxis in Mexico. I'm not sure if this life would be possible without them. They get me around quickly and you can have great conversations and practice your Spanish. These daily bus rides however, like taking the Metro to work in Washington D.C. years ago, make me feel more like just another resident in her city, living her life. Some days that's all I want.

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From my article for the website, "Life as a Human," my night time bus rides have often amused me.

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