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Kerry Baker - Author and Blogger

Are you facing the prospect of a meager retirement? Are you worried about America's dizzying increase in the cost of healthcare and housing? 


Kerry Baker

Even as accessibility to a high-quality retirement shrinks, do you really want to spend the last quarter of your life anxiously living in the shadow of today's news cycle?

Have you considered moving to a less expensive country, but the option seemed too overwhelming or far-fetched?

After five years of trying to make a living in the Post-Recession gig economy, Kerry Baker decided to take her chips off the table and move to Mexico part-time to live on the ocean even while preserving more of her retirement savings.  

What she discovered is that under certain conditions, you can save thousands of dollars a year even if only living in Mexico part-time.


Her two books, “If Only I Had a Place: An Aspiring Expat's Guide to Renting Luxuriously in Mexico for Less" and the "Interactive Guide to Learning Spanish Free Online," cover two of the most critical aspects of exploring life in Mexico full- or part-time and living it to the fullest.

Both books are supported by the Ventana Mexico website.  By registering on the website and indicating your purchase of "If Only I Had a Place," you will receive updates as new rental concierges are recruited and new rental tips are discovered (such as updated information and upcoming concierges for Guadalajara, Mexico.)

The "Interactive Guide to Learning Spanish Free Online" book support page on the Ventanas Mexica site has tips on how to use the book best and new resources uncovered since the printing of the book which will be included in the next edition.

Ventanas Mexico's blog offers information, stories, and insights on silo issues of healthcare, learning the language, daily life in another culture, housing, and saving money; all key priorities for aspiring expats seeking to live the best of both worlds. 

The "It's Cheaper in Mexico" tab gives quick, frequently updated summary comparisons on costs in healthcare, entertainment, food, and housing.

The author currently splits her time between Mazatlán, Mexico and Denver, Colorado. She enjoys boogie-boarding, snow skiing, and extreme climates.

More information on her previous professional experience can be found in LinkedIn. She has been published in the Huffington Post, Forbes Magazine and smaller online publications like Life as a Human and Boomer Café

Contact information:

Skype at kerry.baker68 and

U.S. phone number 804-516-7989,

Mexico 52-669-212-7358 or

(52) 669-213-1666