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Resources for full- or part-time life in Mexico

Ventanas Mexico provides information and insight to those considering moving or retiring to Mexico.  The business sells "Ventanas Mexico Interactive Guide to Learning Spanish Free Online," an interactive e-book to teach Spanish, concierge services for people visiting Mexico and property management services for those who own second homes in Mazatlan. 



Reasons, resources and strategies to make your full or part-time expat life in Mexico a reality.


Blogs for insights on living in Mexico

Ventanas Mexico blogs focus on reasons to consider Mexico, tips on technology, housing, working remote and learning Spanish once here.  All but a couple of blogs have been updated within the last six months.

Many people like to keep a U.S. or Canadian footprint for at least few years while they test the waters.  I try to point out resources on both sides of the journey that make part-time expat life easier than ever.

Often, writers before me have covered topics like how to buy a car, get a Mexican bank account, bring a pet over the border and other "how-to's" in great detail.  I try to keep my stories first-person, direct experience accounts.

For that reason, make sure to look at "Related Links," where I include links to detailed information addressing pragmatic challenges gleaned from hundreds of expat blogs, language websites and other resources I review every month.

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Types of places to rent in Mexico

A long-term stay is the only real way to know if Mexico is for you. Many Ventanas Mexico blogs in the "Housing" section of the index describe different types of lifestyles available in Mexico. Soon, I will be releasing a book on renting written specifically for potential expats (the things realtors don't want you to know).

Ventanas Mexico Pinterest board is the place to find travel tips and inspiration, tested recipes for cooking while in Mexico, and photos of the most popular cities for expats in Mexico.

Ventanas Mexico Facebook page, Google + page and Twitter feeds are dedicated to forwarding articles from the web about expat life, updates on the healthcare crisis in the United States and select blogs.

To live the expat life to the fullest, you need to speak the language.

We see expats all the time who have arrived to Mexico thinking, "I'll pick up the language when I get there." Once here, they try for a while and give up. Years later they still can't speak it.   You can learn a new language later in life. I did and the tools I used to learn are here in this book and are free.

Learning a language takes time and for most, at least several years of study to speak conversationally. If you think Mexico or another Spanish-speaking country is in your future, the time to get started on learning Spanish is now.   

"Ventanas Mexico Interactive Guide to Learning Spanish Free Online" is an interactive curation that links you directly to the best Spanish learning free tools and website features on the web. [Take a peak inside the book here]

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