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Resources for full- or part-time life in Mexico

Provides a blog promoting living in Mexico and promotes books on learning Spanish and how to rent in Mexico.


Reasons, resources and strategies to make your full or part-time expat life in Mexico a reality.


Ventanas Mexico blog posts are insights on living in Mexico focusing on language, culture, costs, healthcare, music and all-around comparisons to life in the U.S.  

Don't let the date of a published blog discourage you from reading it.  These blogs are updated, revised and enriched daily.  New information and links to newly-discovered blogs and articles by other writers on the subject at hand are added continually.  In 2018,  you will see more and more about particular areas you should consider.

Many people like to keep a U.S. or Canadian footprint for at least few years while they test the warm, blue Mexican waters.  Blogs include resources on both sides of the journey that make part-time expat life easier than ever. 

People have retired to Mexico for generations. Today however, the availability of reliable internet, imported goods, and expanded flights make Mexico practically a no-brainer for many retiring on a budget.

Types of places to rent in Mexico

"If Only I Had a Place, A Guide to Renting Luxuriously in Mexico for Less," gives the aspiring expat the information realtors don't want you to know, the inside track.  A listing of vetted rental concierges in many of the popular expat destinations is included.  They can view potential places if you can't be there yourself.   Reviews here.

Subscribe to the website, indicate a book purchase and receive updates on renting information, new tips and additions to rental concierge listings.  Don't be fooled by sites that gloss over the subject. Renting is different in Mexico. 

Other resources:

Ventanas Mexico Pinterest board is the place to find travel tips and inspiration, tested recipes for cooking while in Mexico. 

Ventanas Mexico Facebook page, Google + page and Twitter feeds are dedicated to forwarding articles from the web about expat life, updates on the healthcare crisis in the United States and select blogs.

To live the expat life to the fullest, you need to speak the language.

Learning a language takes time and for most, at least several years of study to speak conversationally. If you think Mexico or another Spanish-speaking country is in your future, the time to get started on learning Spanish is now.   You can learn another language as an adult.

Purchase here

"Ventanas Mexico Interactive Guide to Learning Spanish Free Online" is an interactive curation that links you via interactive links directly to the best Spanish learning free tools and website features on the web.  Study from your laptop, e-reader or tablet.  The book is supported by a book page on this site.

One of the biggest advantages to its system is that it offers various ways to learn a grammar points and many styles of teaching.  Use it to create unique lessons every day. Reviews here.



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