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My Fantasy Day as a Birder in Mexico


Updated 2018

Once while staying in Sayulita, Mexico, near Puerta Vallarta some years ago, I was awakened one morning by the sound of a  big cart, one without any wheels apparently, being dragged down a paved road.

I was told that the noise was a actually a bird, a huge bird, and one of the reasons it grew so huge was because it didn’t have to migrate (really?)  I thought I must be Jurassic Park then.

{A few years after I wrote this post, I learned the name of the bird, the Chachalaka, the song of which, as someone else noted "Sounds like broken machinary trying to run."

But since then, from time to time I do have fantasies about getting just the right hat, a journal, field guide and a pair of binoculars and living a day as a dodgy birder (I am rather stork-like anyway) once the weather cools a bit.

As you would expect from a country with such temperate weather, Mexico has stunning birds.

With help from Birding Tours of Mexico, my friend Ricardo, and talented birder Greg Lavaty, I’d like to show you some of the most colorful ones in this part of Mexico.

  Brown Pelican, Ventanas Mexico

Brown Pelican, Ventanas Mexico

And finally, our sentimental favorite here in Mazatlán (just when you were beginning to think God didn't have a sense of humor), the Brown Pelican.


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  Kerry Baker

Kerry Baker

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