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Guadalajara Expats Talk about Life in Mexico's Second Largest City

While not Mexican, José Piña, along with wife Gloria have embraced their new life semi-retired in Mexico. Gloria is Guadalajara's ambassador in book on renting, "If Only I Had a Place." Here they tell you the main reason they love their city.

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Why You Should Consider Tlaquepaque (Near Guadalajara) as an Aspiring Expat

The city of Tlaquepaque (pronouced tuh-lah-keh-pah-keh) lies between Guadalajara's central district and Lake Chapala/Ajjic, a very expat community. You could spend days in its plazas and always see something new. 

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Five Clichés About Living In Mexico Broken Down One by One

Don't even bother reading interviews (after your first one) of expats in Mexico. Let me give you all the clichés here, and translate them to what these people are really trying to tell you.

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Horrifying Resort Medical Scam Alive and Well in Mazatlán

Short-term tourists, as well as resident expats, are advised be aware of this apparently timeless resort medical scam. If it exists in Mazatlán, you'll likely find it in any Mexican resort town.

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What Are You Looking at When You Look at a Mexican Cathedral?

Cathedrals were the center of activity in Mexico's cities. They're beautiful and no doubt you will find yourself in one at some point if you are in Mexico. You might as well know a little about what you are looking at.

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The Best Free Online Tools to Help Your Spanish-Speaking Friends with Their English

Helping your Mexican friends and their children with their English is an great way to build relationships, and many of their resources are very poor.  Introduce them to these great free online tools. 

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