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My New Book: The Mexico Solution - Saving Your Money, Sanity, and Quality of Life Through Part-Time Life in Mexico


You do not even need to move to Mexico full-time to experience the benefits of expat life. Even living part-time in Mexico allows you to reap many of the financial and emotional benefits of full-time life there. Part-time expat life lets you “test the waters” and buys you the time needed to thoughtfully plan your strategy, whether it is to remain a part-time expat indefinitely or move there permanently one day.

book: The Mexico Solution

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Likely over the last several years, you have digested some hard facts about trends in the U.S. that could affect your quality of life in the future, disturbing facts about the potentially devastating rise in the cost of healthcare and the projected continued rise in the cost of housing among expenses.

I am an optimist. I believe that someday the U.S. will get its healthcare system back on track. Unfortunately, not in most of our lifetimes, and certainly not in time for your retirement if you are over 50.

Compounded with today’s polarizing political climate, many adults young and old are questioning if they want to stick it out, waiting indefinitely for a miraculous change of heart among our leaders on these issue.

You do not have to accept the the dizzying increase in the cost of living, the $2,000 ambulance ride, and the relentless pursuit by the most sophisticated marketing machine in the world of every cent you have.

Paradoxically, the same aspects of modern life that make life convenient in the U.S. (if not inexpensive), such as online tools and technology, have made the escape to another country part of the year easier than ever.

“Everything that is popular is wrong.” - Oscar Wilde

The prospects for a comfortable retirement, or even a solid middle class life by its historical benchmarks of security and quality of life are dissolving right in front of many of us. The gig economy cannot take the place of what has been lost in terms of livable wages, healthcare, and many of the comforts our parents had, like vacations and pension plans.

Where to begin?

The Mexico Solution: Saving your money, sanity, and quality of life through part-time in Mexico provides you the steps to cutting your budget in half while living in the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the convenience and familiarity of your current city while saving money and living in Mexico part-time. With The Mexico Solution as your guide, you can begin to learn the language and culture while deciding if permanent life in Mexico is for you.  

The Mexico Solution offers you

  • Insights to help you overcome cognitive dissonance common to living in a foreign culture

  • Tips on how to rent in Mexico and rent out your place in the U.S.

  • How to stay healthy in a country where healthcare and cooking is very different

  • How to save money in every aspect of expat life

  • Tools for learning Spanish

  • Stories illustrating why life in Mexico is better

  • What to look for in Travel Advisories

  • Common mistakes expats make that affect their long-term happiness in Mexico

“The ride ain’t free,” sang Bruce Springsteen. It never is. To create this better life, you might need to get over some misconceptions about Mexico, cultural prejudices, and most importantly, your iron grip on the familiar. On the other side of these obstacles might be your one last chance at living life as it is meant to be.

Order The Mexico Solution, and find out what awaits you in Mexico!

About the author:

Kerry Baker is the author of two other books, The Interactive Guide to Learning Spanish Free Online and If Only I Had a Place.

The Interactive Guide to Learning Spanish Free Online is an interactive curation of the best free Spanish teaching tools on the web, organized into lesson plans. You can use the lesson plans or create your own unique plan every day, eliminating the boredom of most study tools.

If I Only Had a Place is the insiders guide to renting in Mexico. Renting is different in Mexico (don’t be fooled by realtors) and has unique benefits and cultural pitfalls. The book includes a listing of rental concierges to preview your place.