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Four Websites for Learning Spanish That Rosetta Stone Doesn't Want You to Know About


Updated 2019

If you are learning a second language, you know that you will have days that you feel like writing and days you feel like a more passive experience, like reading or listening. Each good website on teaching you Spanish has a unique strength.  

As I detail in my resource book, the Interactive Guide to Learning Spanish Free Online, you can find hundreds of free resources online to learn Spanish if you have the time to find them (or my book). With a variety tools, you can mix them up and never get bored.

Americans tend to want to learn Spanish as spoken in Mexico or Latin America rather than Spain since they are more likely to meet people from those countries or visit there. People from the rest of the world, especially Europe, are more likely go to Spain to learn it.  

Their interest is encouraged by Spain which as a country, takes great initiative to protect and promulgate their official language, Castilian Spanish.  As torch bearers, sites based in Spain go for linguistic purity and immersion (no English on the site.) Spanish sitse avoid Anglicizing, never using words like “renta” for renting or “carros” for cars for example as Latins do My Spanish friends are appalled when I blurt out that I  "rento un apartamento en Mexico." My Mexican friends raise their eyebrows when I say "Aquilo mi apartamento cada año.). You just can’t win.

The Spanish government takes their language mission seriously enough to devote resources from their national budget to it, funding the Instituto Cervantes world-wide and maintaining websites like Alba Learning, where classic Spanish literature (even erotica) is narrated.

Even though I researched over 300 sites for my book The Interactive Guide for Learning Spanish Free Online, including 80 language hack sites, I still get excited when I come across these new ones, which are often suggested by Spanish language practice partners who live all over Spain.

Recently, I’ve been spending a lot of time on several sites that will be included in the next edition of my book and wanted give you an advance look. They are good-to-great sites and I hope you will check them out.

For more tools, check out my book, “The Interactive Guide to Learning Spanish Free Online,” on (intermediate and up learners) is an online news/radio/television station. Even the landing page will give you a smorgasbord of introductions worth translating. Unfortunately, without a VPN you probably can’t access the television series but you can access the radio shows and the news. The programs are classy and contemporary.



Aprenderespañ  (beginners) offers lessons for beginners starting with the most basic pronunciation. Not a fancy site, but one to include in your toolkit if you are just starting out.

Aprender Español

Aprender Español (intermediate and up) -  A quick look through the site’s menu would have you believe the songs are for children. Not the case. The list is of songs by popular Spanish singers such as Alejandro Sanz. Each song includes its music video with the lyrics in Spanish. If you try to sing along, you will notice how it forces you to think and pronounciate quickly.

Hablemos Español  (all levels) on Youtube is a neat little find that uses a news show format. The “newscasters” cover a point and then introduce a video scene with actors demonstrating usage as skits. Make sure you go to the site with 172 videos (another site is listed by the same name with 38 videos but is for Germans). 

YouTube's Hablemos Español

YouTube's Hablemos Español

Learning Spanish while you consider expat life is a great way to exercise your brain, and whether or not you ever make the move, studies have shown it improves mental acuity and memory. For the aspiring expat, it’s more than an exercise, speaking the language is a way of life.

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About the author:

Kerry Baker is a partner with Ventanas Mexico and author of the "Interactive Guide to Learning Spanish Free Online" and the upcoming "If Only I Had a Place," a book on how to rent luxuriously for less in Mexico which includes a listing of rental concierges to pre-view your prospective place if you're not in Mexico.